Environmental, Social and Health and Safety Policy

The Dominica Geothermal Development Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, visitors and the public in general with respect to the facilities operated by DGDC. We will conduct our business with respect and care for the environment and systematically manage risks so as to ensure a sustainable business growth. We will not be satisfied until we manage to eliminate any injury, occupational illness, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.

To fulfil this commitment DGDC will ensure the statements outlined below are implemented and adhered to.


  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and industry standards.
  • Work with the Government of Dominica, statutory bodies and stakeholders in order to develop regulations and standards aimed at improving people’s safety and health and the environment.
  • Manage all projects through their life-cycles in a way that protects safety and health and minimizes their impacts on the environment, including project design and changes.
  • Provide the training and resources necessary to achieve this policy.
  • Establish a Health, Safety & Environmental Committee responsible for effectively managing safety and environment at the site and to foster employee involvement.
  • Ensure the necessary procedures are in place in the event of an incident or an emergency.
  • Communicate our commitment in this policy to our contractors and require them to adhere to it.


  • Support the long-term development of the communities DGDC serve.
  • Ensure a work environment free of harassment or discrimination on the basis of gender, physical or mental state, race, nationality, religion, age, family status or sexual orientation, or any other attribute recognised by the laws of Dominica.
  • Develop a culture of respect, trust and mutual understanding fostered through open, two-way communication, positive encouragement of employees’ participation in discussions and willingness to discuss issues and concerns raised at any level in the organisation.


  • Ensure that all key environmental impacts are identified and managed in a responsible manner.
  • Monitor and report the environmental performance of our business.

Health and Safety

  • Make sure that all employees and contractors understand that working safely is a condition of employment, and they are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Identify hazards in the workplace and provide control measures to eliminate or minimize associated risks.
  • Report any near-miss, incident or accident and take appropriate and effective corrective actions.
  • Maintain a secure work environment to protect ourselves, our contractors, visitors and company’s assets from injury, property loss or damage resulting from hostile acts.