GBV Service Providers

Gender-Based Violence Services in Dominica


GBV Violates Basic Human rights.
It undermines human dignity and growth.

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger and you and need help or assistance, you are encouraged to contact one of the organisations below.

Bureau Gender Affairs

Contact: Ms. Mellissa Morgan (Director)

Address: 3rd Floor, LG Roberts Building, Castle Street

Telephone: +1(767) 618-3454

  • Receives reports and provides direct Social & Psychological Services to victims of IPV and adult victims of sexual abuse.
  • Report can be made via telephone, email, mail or a visit to the Bureau’s office
  • Conduct capacity building and training of other GBV service providers.

Lifeline Ministries Dominica

Contact: Justina (Tina) Alexander

Address: 3 Munro Street, Goodwill, Roseau

Telephone: +1(767) 449-8593
Mobile: +1(767) 235-8367

  • Training volunteers as victim support workers.
  • Offering training in victim support
  • Survivor Support Group (Psycho-Social Support)
  • Family Counselling

Dominica National Council For Women

Contact: Miss Vanya David

Address: C/o WAWU, 43 Hillsborough Street, Roseau

Telephone: +1(767) 265-3779

  • Counselling and Mediation Services.
  • Sustainable development project (Livelihoods)
  • Counselling and Shelter services.
  • Education and training for target groups
  • Crisis Shelter Mechanism

Legal Aid Clinic

Address: 2nd Floor, 28 Cork Street, Roseau,

Telephone: +1(767) 266-3331

  • To provide legal advice, advocacy and representation, aided by private members of the Bar who would provide legal services at legal aid prices.
  • To refer clients in need of counseling and other psychosocial services to various social agencies for e.g. Women’s Bureau and Dominica National Council of Women.

Crime Stoppers Dominica

Address: 70 Victoria Street, Roseau

Telephone: 1-800-8477

  • Provide a safe and comfortable avenue through which the public can report about crime without fear of their identities being known.
  • Assisting our law enforcement agency in the apprehension and conviction of criminals.

Private Counsellors (Paid Services)

Contact: Jennifer Hooper, Delia Cuffy-Weekes, Yvonne Alexander

Address: C/o Lifeline Ministries, 3 Munro Street, Goodwill, Roseau

Telephone: +1(767) 275-8367

  • Private Counselling Services.