Transmission Network

Increasing Capacity and Output

New Transmission Network for the Geothermal Project

  • The 33 kV route goes underground from Laudat to DOMLEC’s three hydro stations, then to DOMLEC’s Fond Cole Station.
  • The 69 kV route goes overhead & Underground from Laudat to DOMLEC’s Fond Cole station then to DOMLEC’s Sugar Loaf Station.
  • The network is financed by the World Bank, and Dominica Geothermal Development Company (DGDC) is the executing agency.
  • The network will be owned by the Government of Dominica and operated by DOMLEC.
  • The network will be designed to international technical, safety and environmental standards.
  • There are no public health and safety risks outside of the clearance areas.

The Government of Dominica is sponsoring this project.
DOMLEC, Independent Regulatory Commission and the DGDC
are collaborating closely.

  • A lease/Operation and Maintenance agreement is being developed between DOMLEC and GoCD
    • The term of the agreement will coincide with DOMLEC’s transmission licence
    • The asset will revert to GoCD’s control upon expiration of the agreement
  • The Independent Regulatory Commission supports this approach

Components of the new Transmission Network

  • Construction of new 69 kV transmission lines:
    • from the Geothermal plant to Fond Colé (≈ 7.5 km)
    • from Fond Cole to Sugar Loaf (≈ 36 km)
  • Construction of new 33 kV transmission lines:
    • from Geothermal Plant to Fond Colé, through New Trafalgar and Padu hydro stations (≈ 8.4 km)
  • As part of this project, five new electrical substations will be built and interconnected at the following locations:
    • Geothermal power plant, Laudat
    • Hydroelectric power station of Trafalgar
    • Hydroelectric power station of Padu
    • Diesel power station of Fond Cole
    • Diesel power station of Sugar Loaf
  • The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) is seeking to replace diesel-based electricity generation in Dominica with renewable energy.
  • GoCD has invested heavily in the development of the geothermal resources in the Roseau Valley.
  • This geothermal development is expected to reduce and stabilize the cost of electricity, meet future demand and reduce Dominica’s carbon emissions.
  • The first phase of the geothermal development is a 10 MW power plant in Laudat.
  • A new resilient electricity transmission network is also being built to efficiently connect the geothermal power plant to DOMLEC’s 11 kV grid.
  • The new transmission network will operate at 69 kV and 33 kV levels and has been designed to support growth of geothermal and other renewable energy sources.