Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

The DGDC's Environmental and Social Impact
Assessment (ESIA) Report

This ESIA has been prepared, in accordance with local legislation and international lending institution safeguards, to assess the environmental and social impacts and risks of the Dominica Geothermal Power Project Development located in the Roseau Valley, Dominica.

Non-Technical Summary (NTS)

It is important to note that this NTS does not, and is not intended to, convey all of the information relating to the Project and its potential impacts on the physical and social environment. The text provided herein is a summary of the detailed assessments discussed in the ESIA.

This NTS provides an overview, in plain language, of the main findings of the ESIA prepared for the construction and operation of the Dominica Geothermal Project. The Project is the construction and operation of geothermal wells, reinjection systems and a geothermal power plant with a capacity of 7 megawatts (MW) and connection to the Dominica electrical grid and associated infrastructure. When complete, the Project will make an important contribution to the socio-economic development of the region and the Commonwealth of Dominica. It will provide a stable source of electricity for the island and reduce the overall reliance on diesel generation.

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